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Process documentation fails

Message Microsoft Word is not installed/could not be found

This message appears if the registry keys of Microsoft Office are not correctly registered in your systems registry. To correct this, up you need to  open the Registry Editor (start with the command “regedit”). and delete one or more entries. You need admin rights on your system to be able for this.


In the Registry you need to open the following node, below which you probably find more than one sub-node.:

These sub-nodes are named with e.g. 8.4 or 8.5. If you choose one of those you will be shown the entry “Standard” on the right hand. In the below picture you see “Microsoft Word 14.0 Object Library”. This is the referenced Office Library with version number. Version numbers are as follows:

  • Office 2003 stands for version
  • Office 2007 stands for version
  • Office 2010 stands for version


Now you need to know which version of Microsoft Office is installed on your system and localize the respective node in the Registry. All other nodes must be deleted. With this operation you only affect the inter-operation of Office tools with Microsoft Word, i.e. you clean-up the inter-operation.


One cause for this problem is the installation of different versions of Microsoft Office. Once you install one version it writes a respective entry into the Registry. By de-installation this entry will not be deleted automatically. If you now install an older version of Microsoft Office you will find two entries in the registry, one for the old and one for the new. This indicates that a newer version of MS Office is installed and makes inter-operation between applications defective.