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Visio 2010/2013: No “BPMN Model” tab

The “BPMN Model” tab is not visible in Visio 2010/2013

Make sure the plugin is enabled

Click on File and select Options, then change to the Add-ins tab.

  1. Manage Disabled Items and select Go…. Check if Process Modeler is listed. If it is listed, select it and press Enable. Restart Visio and see if it works. If not, also try the following step.
  2. Manage COM Add-ins and select Go…. Make sure that Process Modeler Addin is listed and that the checkbox is marked. If it is not checked, the addin has not loaded correctly the last time. Try to mark the checkbox, disable all unneeded add-ins and restart Visio. If the checkbox is again unmarked after the next restart of Visio, try to re-install Process Modeler.

Possible Causes

If you open a Visio document which is embedded in another document (e.g. PowerPoint presentation), the security settings will automatically disable the Process Modeler addin. Unfortunately, the addin remains disabled until it is manually re-enabled by the user. Follow the steps above to re-enable the addin.