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Error while loading the add-in

Error while loading the add-in

If you get an error while trying to enable the add-in in the Trust Center, try the following:

Check for correct bit version.

Make sure you have installed the correct bit version of the add-in. The bit version should always match the Visio bit version, not Windows. Follow this link to find out where you can find your Visio bit version.

Check your VSTO installation.

If the error reads something like “‘C:\Program Files\itp-commerce\PM6\ITPcommerce.ProcessModeler.Visio2010Connect.vsto’ is not a valid Office Add-in.” you are most likely running an outdated or a wrong VSTO version. Download and install the required VSTO 4.0 (VS 2010/2012/2013) Runtime for Office 2007/2010/2013 from here.