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Using Team Repository

Using the Team Repository

The following chapters will describe how to use the Team Repository for opening, saving, deleting and versioning documents.


It is important that the repository user understands the conceptual idea of this persistence store. The Team Repository was designed as a tool to manage BPMN Business Process Diagrams (BPD’s) and any other kind of document. So, the main entities to manage are documents (binary or ASCII). We have implemented an enhanced handling for BPD documents. BPD’s will be decomposed when they are saved to the repository. This means that the content of such documents will be analysed and stored in flat relational tables for further use. All other document types will have standard document metadata such as author, creation date, access rights and so on stored in the database.

This means the essential entity in the database is a document. Most repository functions available for the user are related to documents. It depends on the users how they would like to structure BPD’s and their contents.

The following tutorial explains some of the most important features of the Team Repository solution.

Use the following links to learn by example some of the most used features: